Advertising on Google AdWords

Advertising on Google AdWords

AdWords is Google’s renowned online advertising service which allows you to develop and grow your business by reaching new customers. It helps you market your products and services in Google’s search engine and its affiliated sites. You control your ad in terms of where it appears, what kind of audience views it, what your budget should be; and these are only some of the many aspects you can control. It even allows you to measure the impact your ad has on viewers and potential customers! Adwords Managment

Google Ads can assist in improving your seo and marketing by the use of placed texts which appear when individuals enter keywords. Your ad appears in the form of a “sponsored link” which utilises a PPC (Pay Per Click) system. This means that you only pay for your ad when a potential client clicks on it, which is efficient in saving costs and cutting down unwanted inbound traffic.

The more you choose to pay for your ad, the higher it appears on Google’s search engine, which is important because 87% of people don’t bother looking past the first page of search results to find what they’re looking for. If they don’t see your website on the first page, that customer automatically becomes your competitor’s customer.

Why use Google AdWords?

There are two types of traffic that flood a website:

  1. Browsing traffic – visitors who come across your website as a result of browsing through results on websites
  2. Pay per click traffic – traffic comes directly from Google Adwords as they click on your ad

Browsing traffic relates to people who are searching online to accumulate information before making a purchase, whereas pay per click traffic refers to those individuals who specifically click on a link to purchase a product, probably yours. It’s more efficient in that it reaches your target population directly and more quickly than browsing traffic. Apart from this one benefit, let’s take a closer look at the various benefits of choosing to advertise using Google AdWords.

Benefits of advertising with Google AdWords

Control your spending

marketing-waWith Google AdWords, there is no minimum spending commitment, as you can choose to either stop or pause your campaign whenever you want. Because of the various bidding options provided, you’re free to choose your own monthly spending budget. Furthermore, because of Google AdWords’ PPC bidding, you will only be charged when a potential client clicks on your ad, not when it merely appears.

Target your Audience Precisely

Your ad is targeted to reach a specific population, which eliminates unwanted inbound traffic. This is important because it helps you gain an understanding of your target audience. Furthermore, your ad is most likely to be displayed to the certain individuals who are seeking the services and products you provide.

Make your Ad More Effective

As you gain continuous feedback regarding the efficacy and impact of your ad, you can use Google AdWords to revamp your advertisement to meet the clients’ needs and therefore increase the count of your potential customers. If you want your business to grow, Google AdWords is the most effective tool to help you attain your goals. Remember, Google always knows what you want, so why not take advantage!