Why Every Dentist Should Be Using Email Marketing

Why Every Dentist Should Be Using Email Marketing

Why Every Dentist Should Be Using Email Marketing

The topic of this post might be why dentists should be using email marketing, but in truth, such is the effectiveness of email marketing, this should apply to every business, no matter its size, its location, or which business sector it operates in. Email marketing has provided a marketing platform that has literally created multi-million dollar businesses, and it continues to do so.

You can rest assured that many of your competitors will be using email marketing, and if you are not, they have a huge advantage over you. On the flip side, once you start using email marketing you can not only compete with them but if you use it more effectively you can exceed their results and do so in a big way.

One of the reasons that email is such a popular marketing tool is that in comparison with many other marketing methods, the costs involved are minuscule. You could literally start for just a few dollars. Thereafter, as you expand your email marketing campaigns and your subscriber list grows, your costs only grow in proportion to your list size.

In fact, some services do not charge you anything if you have a small number of subscribers, and only start charging once it reaches 500 subscribers. Imagine being able to communicate with up to 500 potential clients on a regular basis, and it not costing you a single dollar.

Even if you were charged $20 per month, imagine the huge return on investment that would generate if just 5% of the 500 subscribers you have, became clients of your dental practice over a 12 month period. Your email marketing service would have cost you a total of $240 over the year. Now compare that to the revenue you would generate from 25 new patients over that same period of time.

Another huge benefit of email marketing is that it can be used in so many different ways. Obviously, there is a sales aspect where you are trying to attract new clients to your dental practice, but it can also be used to encourage your existing ones to take up additional services that you offer. This could be done by emailing out a promotion where they can receive a discount on that service for a limited period of time.

Email can help build your brand and client loyalty as your subscribers get used to seeing your emails arrive in their inbox. As well as the promotions we have mentioned you can send advice emails describing the best ways to look after their teeth, news about your dental practice, industry updates, alerts about new treatments, and you could even send them a regular email newsletter.

You will note that in a previous paragraph the actions we were talking about meant that there are two distinct groups that you would be emailing. This brings us to another huge benefit of email marketing and that is that you can allocate all of your subscribers to specific groups.

A simple example is the promotional emails where you have potential clients and existing clients. You obviously would not want to send the same email to both groups as that would leave one group confused given that you might have existing clients being urged to become new patients at your dental clinic.

Instead what you can do is write emails that are specific and target sub-groups within your entire subscriber list. This way they only receive email messages and promotions which are relevant to them.