Establishing a reputable identity and securing the top place on popular search engine results is not just about having a colourful website, there is A LOT more!


At Slinky Internet Marketing, we make sure your online presence gets you the reasonable return on investment you were looking for. We utilise our industry specific experience to bring you the most professional and profitable internet marketing service.


 We guarantee you the highest level of professionalism, and dedication.

We Specialise In The Following Services:
How We Operate

The best part about choosing our services is that you get to work with some of the top industry experts, who can answer all your online marketing questions. Moreover, we understand Google AdWords better than any other company in Australia.  This enables us to guarantee you the success a position on the top of search engine results will bring.


  • We design a complete, internet marketing strategy that is created to help  convert prospects into customers
  • We keep you updated by tracking your websites’ analytics.
  • We offer competitive rates and effective solutions!
Why Internet Marketing?

A presence on the internet and internet marketing campaigns are the driving force behind website traffic. Although you might be able to bring in customers using traditional marketing techniques and platforms, internet marketing is essential.


Slinky Internet Marketing- One Stop Solution to Online Success

If you want more customers, more traffic, and higher returns on your investment,

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