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Starting your journey in the vast digital landscape can be daunting, especially when you’re eyeing to make a mark in the Australian market. As Slinky Internet Marketing, a pioneer in the field for over a decade, we’ve seen businesses tempted by the shortcut of buying subscriber lists. Let’s talk about why building your list organically is not just the better choice, but the only choice for lasting success.

The Allure of Buying Subscriber Lists

It’s easy to see the appeal. You’re starting from scratch, and there’s a list, just a purchase away, promising instant access to thousands of potential customers. But, as we’ve learned at Slinky, easy isn’t always effective.


Modern life invariably involves us having to borrow money, whether it is our credit card, an overdraft facility, a car loan, or a mortgage; debt is, for most of us, a fact of life. So much so that debt management is one of the most requested services that financial advisors and financial planning companies get asked for.

Being able to obtain credit is something that many of us take for granted and assume that because we have never gone overdrawn at the bank and have kept up repayments on any credit we have, we will never be refused. While both will help, they are not the only factors determining your credit score.

Several elements are used to calculate your credit score, and it is often only when someone is refused credit that they then, for the first time, make inquiries about their own credit rating. When they do, they are often shocked that their credit score is lower than what it should have been due to actions they have taken that have adversely affected it. Here are some of those actions that you should avoid to protect your own credit score.


Using Facebook for BusinessSocial media is an extremely powerful tool for removalists and business owners throughout Australia and the world. It allows you to interact with potential clients, possibly driving more business through your website.

One of the most useful social media platforms for removalist business owners is Facebook. A considerable percentage of Australians are active on Facebook, making it a great way to reach many people without too much effort.

However, Facebook has become more competitive over the last few years. It’s not as easy to use for business purposes as it used to be, meaning you have to ensure you’re doing things right. The following tips should help you build a strong Facebook community for your removalist business.

Use Targeted Advertising To Get More Likes

Getting relevant people to like it is the key to building a solid community around your Facebook page. It’s essential to ensure you don’t just buy irrelevant likes. Otherwise, you’ll probably just be wasting your money.

It’s a good idea to get familiar with page-like ads. Target them to people relevant to you and your business and likely to use your services in the future. Make sure that you include geographical targeting, focusing on people who live within the area that you service.


Online-Marketing-Strategies2We already know the pros and cons of both traditional and online marketing. Let’s move a step further, specifically focusing on online marketing, also known as inbound marketing.

Many buyers all over the world use the internet to buy products, using sites such as and eBay. Even if choosing to purchase merchandise from “real world” stores, they tend to refer to the product online for review specifications to see if it meets their needs. Even though inbound marketing allows you to target a wider range of audiences worldwide, you would be surprised to learn how internet marketing and traditional marketing are similar in the sense that they are the exact opposite of each other. You can consider it be a “reflection” or “mirror image” of traditional marketing.

Flip the Switch and Relax

When marketing over the internet, the process is initiated when an individual enters a keyword in a search engine, after which the search engine directs sellers to potential buyers which appear in the order of relative importance. This tends to become one of the major issues for most traditional companies or sellers:

The buyer approaches the seller (whereas in traditional marketing it is the seller that approaches the buyer with the goal in mind of making sales and generating revenue.) This becomes a mirror reflection of traditional marketing automatically. Sellers don’t need to find buyers – buyers need to find sellers. Which, in essence, means that the seller needs to make efforts online to make sure their products pop up before their competitors’ (which is most efficiently done via Search Engine Optimisation, among other techniques). However, this requires less effort on the part of the seller in terms of “active marketing” and could prove to be more beneficial in the end.


When you are considering relocating your business to new premises there are several decisions you have to make, not least the one concerning exactly what new location you are moving to. In addition to that, you also have several choices to make regarding the planning and logistics of your move.

One of those options relates to which inter state removalists company, if any, you are going to employ to help with your relocation. We say, “if any” because it is true to say that you are under no obligation to hire removalists and are perfectly entitled to keep all the work they would do for you either in-house, by asking staff to carry out the move themselves, or by getting someone with a van to do it all on the cheap.

The point we must make here is that just because you can does not mean that you should. By that we are pointing to the fact that trying to do an office relocation on the cheap and by cutting corners is a recipe for disaster and can lead to loss, injuries, and additional costs. Instead, there are numerous advantages to hiring a professional removalists company to assist you with your relocation, and here are ten of them to prove it.


Law Firm MarketingDigital marketing is difficult for even the most highly trained marketers. As the owner or manager of a law firm, you want to be focusing on doing the things that lawyers in Perth should be doing, not on trying to market your business.

It is therefore a good idea to employ an experienced, reputable law firm marketing expert for your business. The will be able to come up with an efficient marketing strategy for your business, and they should be able to give you a decent return on investment (ROI).

With this in mind, here are our top 3 reasons why you should always employ a marketing expert for your law firm:

  1. A marketing expert can save you time and money:

As a lawyer, you probably already understand that time is money. However, did you know that employing a marketing expert to take care of your law firm marketing can save you both time and money?

When you hire an expert to take care of your marketing, you should suddenly find yourself with a whole lot of spare time. You will be able to use this time to do things that lawyers should be doing – practicing law! You will also find that a marketing professional will be able to work a lot faster than you can, meaning that they will take less time to accomplish the same marketing goals.