Skyscraper TechniqueMost websites live or die in proportion to the amount of traffic they get. The exception is those where the site owner has a substantial budget which they can use to buy traffic. For the websites who rely on organic and free traffic, SEO is required to boost the website’s ranking in the search engines, and the subsequent increase in traffic that brings to the site.

According to experiencde SEO’s there are hundreds of techniques and SEO strategies that can achieve this, but in this instance, we are going to look at just one, called the ‘Skyscraper Technique’. This process has doubled the traffic to some of the websites who have used it, and whilst there no way to guarantee a result like that, if it is used correctly there is no reason why it shouldn’t boost your website’s ranking and the traffic coming to it.

At this point, you might be imagining the Skyscraper Technique’ is some long, complicated process where you must create hundreds of backlinks, use blackhat SEO tricks, and commit countless hours of your time. The fact is, it is none of these. It is a very simple process and as is often the case, the simpler the technique, the more effective it is.

The Skyscraper Technique can be broken down into three distinct steps, and you do not need to be an SEO guru to be able to do any of them.

The first is the simple matter of searching Google with the search term or terms you want to rank for and clicking through the websites that appear in the results. What you are looking for are websites that have lots of good content and have obviously built up a lot of authority within your niche, due to the number of other websites linking to it.

Using a tool like ‘Ahrefs’ you now want to analyse where all the backlinks to that piece of content are coming from. Ideally, you want to identify other websites, with good authority, within your niche that link out to the content on other sites.


SEO Optimised ContentHigh-quality content is one of the keys to search engine optimisation, or SEO. SEO can be very competitive for law firms and lawyers, which means that you need to do everything you can to put yourself above our competitors. This includes creating well-written blog articles and web pages which bring value to your readers.

However, if you want your content to be truly optimised, then you need to follow something of a checklist to make sure you’re including everything you need to. Some of the most important features of high-quality, SEO optimised law firm content include:

  1. Keywords

Keywords are an essential feature of SEO-optimised content. An example of this would be ‘Lawyers Perth‘ for a Perth-based law firm. Ideally, you should identify one primary keyword and a couple of secondary ones for every piece of content. Keyword placement is very important. You should try and include your primary keyword in your title, first paragraph and spaced evenly through the text. Don’t overstuff or use keywords in an unnatural manner, or you will be penalised by the search engines.

  1. Images

Having high-quality, relevant images is also a must for SEO-optimised content. Choose pictures that are going to incite a reaction in your audience, rather than generic ones which don’t bring value to your blog. Name your images and include an alt text with your primary keyword.