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When a web design agency has a client who wants them to design and create a website for their business, often the client does not have a clear and complete idea of what they want their new website to achieve. For web designers to be able to design and build a website that will positively impact a business, there must be one or more goals that the website’s owner should want that website to achieve.

Suppose the goal is to generate leads for the business. In that case, the website can be designed accordingly, as professional web designers have the skills and experience to create websites optimized for lead generation. Unfortunately, some business owners bypass web designers and try web design themselves or hire a less-than-qualified web designer. Either of these can produce web design errors, such as the five outlined below, that compromise a website’s ability to generate leads.

Confusing Website Navigation

Have you ever visited somewhere for the first time, such as a new city, a different part of your town, or even a large office complex, and had no idea which direction to take, as there were no clear and obvious signposts? Your thoughts and feelings at the time possibly included confusion, frustration,  and the desire to be elsewhere.

Those are the same thoughts that go through visitors’ minds when they visit a website with poor navigation. They land there, quickly become confused, and inevitably, they click away as they have neither the time nor the desire to stay on a confusing website.

A well-designed website will have straightforward navigation, which could include a menu at the top or side of the page where each of the website’s sub-sections is indicated. In addition, the menu will appear on each page, along with a ‘Home’ button that takes them back to the home page. Look at any website and ask yourself if this were the first time you landed on it, would you know how to navigate it easily?